All Local Associations can put forward motions to be debated at the Annual Conference which this year will be held in Birmingham over the Easter weekend. Far more motions are submitted every year than there is the time to debate, and all members can vote on which ones they consider most important – selecting up to 12. Derby NASUWT branch has submitted the following:-


Motion 44 – Unified Teachers’ Pay Range

Conference notes that the introduction of the Upper Pay Range (UPR) for teachers in 2000 was an important step in recognising the skills and experience of teachers who wish to remain in the classroom, teaching, rather than seeking promotion to a leadership role.

Conference believes that there is now a lack of clarity among many head teachers about the role of UPR teachers who are increasingly being expected to take on whole school responsibilities which should be properly rewarded by a TLR.

Furthermore, conference believes that the ambiguous “substantial and sustained” contribution to the school is widely interpreted to mean more than fulfilling all the normal requirements of a classroom teacher and many applications are refused without sound reasons being given.

Conference therefore asserts that the UPR no longer fulfils the purpose for which it was designed, and instead provides additional obstacles to pay progression.

Conference requests the National Executive to campaign for the abolition of the Main Pay Range and UPR, to be replaced by a simpler 9 point teacher pay scale, to be re-introduced to the School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document, with annual pay progression of at least one point for all teachers along the whole of the scale to depend only on successful appraisal.


We believe that the reasoning for this motion is self-contained in the motion, but should you wish to discuss it further, please contact the Branch Secretary on 07803 702160.

You can vote for motions by logging onto the website you haven’t previously registered you will need your Membership Number which can be obtained from the Branch Secretary or the membership department 03330 145550.